So, Who's the Lady Behind the Lens?

People are so unique and fascinating, and-- I don't know about you-- but I love discovering the many layers of what drives a person, and what makes them who they are.

In my life apart from photography, I'm a proud wife and momma.  I married my best friend Gabe, and we have two beautiful children who keep us plenty busy.  We live and play in the gold country of Northern California, where we spend most of our time outside, exploring the Yuba River.  We also love making science projects and art (in many mediums), listening to and playing music, traveling and spending time with our friends and family.

In my personal time, I love going to the gym, practicing yoga and spending time with girlfriends.  I love singing and dancing, and practice any chance I get; I grew up immersed in musical theater and hope to pursue it again in the future... we shall see!

Everyday, I believe it's important to wake up and aim to do the things that make you happy and feel free, even if it scares you.  I've made that belief my personal mantra in recent years, and it's led me to amazing opportunities and growing experiences, which are the very things that mold me into who I've become as a woman and photographer.

For more about my personal life and what I love, check out My Favorite Things, below.

Background & Education

What started as a fun hobby, surprisingly became a successful business... while also changing my life for the better in so many ways!  Although I grew up submerged in the arts (I actively participated in everything from theater, dance, voice lessons, painting, and more), photography was not something I put much effort or thought into until my early twenties, when I became a wife and mom and started documenting my growing children.  Soon, friends were commenting on my photos and asking if I'd consider taking their families' photos.  At the time, I was a stay-at-home-mom and loved the idea of having "my own thing" once again, while also having the flexibility and freedom to be with my children.  Pretty soon, my love for photography grew into a passion, and I knew I wanted to make it my life's work.  First, I needed to get more education and training.

Through college courses in film and digital photography, design and art, as well as 5+ years mentorship from one of the industry's best wedding photographers (ahem, Megan Clouse) and a multitude of workshops taught by some of the most talented photographers in the country, I've learned and practiced the art of photography, composition, light and styling.  I believe to be really great at something, you should never stop learning; therefore, I'm always seeking opportunities to grow and expand my knowledge in this ever-changing industry.

Let's Have Some Fun!

I'm all about finding beauty and joy in everything...  life is meant to be LIVED!
I love this video of me and one of my best wedding industry friends, Erica Henderson from Tin Roof Farmhouse, being silly at last year's Fresh Bash in Sacramento!  Special thanks to Giggle and Riot for capturing the craziness.


my favorite things

my favorite things


Aside from capturing beautiful moments with my camera, these are a few of my favorite things...
What are yours? 


01 / my husband

02 / my kids


03/ laughing


04/ nature

05 / south yuba river

06 / golden hour

07 / soul food

08 / styling

09 / heart language

10 / morning coffee

11 / snuggling

12 / amazing friends

10 / wine

11 / networking

12 / fashion

13 / camping